How to Watch Stampede Rodeo The Start Time & Date

Stampede Rodeo

To watch the calgary stampede rodeo start time and date, visit the official website or check local listings. The festival runs from july 9th to 18th and features world-class rodeo performances.

The event is popular with locals and tourists alike, drawing crowds from around the world. In addition to the rodeo, the festival offers a variety of entertainment, including live music, a midway, and unique food vendors. Visitors can also explore the western heritage museum or take part in an authentic chuckwagon race.

With so much to see and do, the calgary stampede rodeo is a must-see event for anyone with an interest in western culture.

Stampede Rodeo: Watch The Start Time & Date


Frequently Asked Questions Of How To Watch The Calgary Stampede Rodeo Start Time,Date

Tune into Sportsnet & Sportsnet One at 1:30 p.m. MT (3:30 p.m. ET) July 8-17 for a special broadcast of the Calgary Stampede Rodeo and watch from the comfort of your own living room!

What Is Calgary Stampede Rodeo?

Calgary stampede rodeo is an annual rodeo event held in calgary, alberta, canada, featuring bull riding, barrel racing, and other rodeo favorites.

What Is The Start Date Of Calgary Stampede Rodeo?

The calgary stampede rodeo usually takes place on the second friday of july and runs for ten days, the exact start date of the calgary stampede rodeo will be on friday, july 8, 2022.

What Is The Start Time For Calgary Stampede Rodeo?

The start time for calgary stampede rodeo is usually at 1:30 pm on every day of the event, but it is recommended to check the official schedule before attending.

Where Does The Calgary Stampede Rodeo Take Place?

The calgary stampede rodeo takes place at the stampede park in calgary, alberta, canada where it has been held since 1912.

How To Watch Calgary Stampede Rodeo?

You can watch the calgary stampede rodeo in person by purchasing tickets, or you can watch it on the official tv channel or online streaming services. Check the official stampede website for more information.


From the above discussion, it’s evident that the calgary stampede rodeo is an event you don’t want to miss. As a cowboy and western enthusiast, you can’t miss an opportunity to witness the excitement and thrill of the rodeo. With the proper information, it’s easy to keep up with the start date and time of the calgary stampede rodeo.

The calgary stampede rodeo offers something for everyone, regardless of age or background, making it a comprehensive experience. You can keep yourself updated on the calgary stampede rodeo schedule through their website, social media platforms or by contacting their customer support.

Whether you’re planning to attend the event in person or watch it remotely, ensure you have your tickets in advance to avoid last-minute rush. The calgary stampede rodeo is not only an event but also an experience that creates unforgettable memories.


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