Unlikely Rematch: Amanda Serrano Talks ‘No Regrets’ After Katie Taylor’s Loss

Amanda serrano believes a rematch with katie taylor is unlikely after taylor’s recent loss, but has no regrets about their previous fight. Puerto rican boxing athlete amanda serrano spoke about her chances of a rematch with irish fighter katie taylor, following taylor’s recent loss against britain’s natasha jonas.

While serrano has no regrets about their previous fight, she believes that a rematch with taylor is unlikely to happen. Serrano also spoke about her upcoming fight with miriam gutierrez, her training routine during the covid-19 pandemic, and her plans to become a seven-weight world champion.

Unlikely Rematch: Amanda Serrano Talks ‘No Regrets’ After Katie Taylor’s Loss

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A Clash Of Titans: Amanda Serrano Vs Katie Taylor

Amanda serrano and katie taylor’s fight will go down in history as one of the most intense boxing matches. Both fighters trained hard and had distinct strengths and weaknesses. Serrano was a fierce puncher, while taylor had excellent footwork. The lead up to the fight was filled with rigorous training.

Unfortunately, taylor lost the rematch, leaving serrano with ‘no regrets’ about her involvement. Despite this, serrano admits that a future rematch is unlikely to happen. It’s safe to say that this fight will always be remembered in the world of boxing as a true clash of titans.

Amanda Serrano’S Reflections

Amanda serrano reflects on her loss to katie taylor, confessing she has no regrets, but accepts a rematch is unlikely. She shares personal insights into her mindset and emotions, revealing how she felt before, during, and after the fight. Serrano also discusses the impact of the loss on her career and future aspirations.

Despite the defeat, serrano’s confidence seems intact, and she remains focused on her goals in the sport. She acknowledges the challenges of her career but doesn’t back down, confident that she is capable of achieving more and eager to prove her worth in the ring.

With her tenacity and fighting spirit, it’s clear that serrano is a force to be reckoned with in the world of boxing.



“No Regrets” – The Comeback Attitude

Amanda serrano, the famous female boxer, has shared her ‘no regret’ attitude after the loss. She also stated that her rematch with katie taylor might not happen. During the post-match interview, she displayed a positive attitude. The importance of having such an attitude while facing setbacks and failures cannot be overstated.

It can help you bounce back and regain your confidence. Amanda is a great example of this attitude. Therefore, her fans should learn from her. Having a positive outlook can be the difference between success and failure. It keeps you motivated and focused.

Therefore, stay positive and don’t give up!

The Future Of Amanda Serrano

Amanda serrano, an accomplished female boxer, recently remarked that she has no regrets despite her loss to katie taylor. She does not see a rematch happening in the near future. This statement, however, does not mean that her boxing career is over.

Amanda has a lot of potential for future matches and prospects, with her path to success not over yet. She has established herself as a force to be reckoned with in the ring and has set her sights on further aspirations and goals.

She has a vision for what she wants to achieve and will continue training hard and performing to the best of her ability. Despite the loss, amanda still has a bright future ahead of her, and we can expect great things from her in the coming years.

Conclusion: Looking Back And Looking Forward

Amanda serrano has made it clear that she has no regrets following her loss to katie taylor. However, a rematch is unlikely. The article has highlighted the significance of this match and its implications for amanda’s future. It’s important for boxing enthusiasts to continue to support amanda on her journey.

The conclusion can be drawn that despite the loss, amanda has a bright future ahead as a boxer.

Frequently Asked Questions For Amanda Serrano Has ‘No Regrets’ But Says Katie Taylor Rematch Probably Won’T Happen Following Taylor’S Loss

Is Amanda Serrano Satisfied With Her Fight Against Katie Taylor?

Yes, amanda serrano has said that she has “no regrets” about her fight against katie taylor. She thought that she gave enough effort to give a good fight.

Will Amanda Serrano Have A Rematch With Katie Taylor?

It seems unlikely that amanda serrano will have a rematch with katie taylor. Serrano believes that it probably won’t happen after taylor’s loss.

What Did Amanda Serrano Have To Say About Her Fight With Katie Taylor?

Amanda serrano recently said that she has “no regrets” about her fight with katie taylor. She believes that she gave a good fight and that she respects taylor as a fighter.


Amanda serrano’s impressive win against yamileth mercado has generated talk about a potential rematch with katie taylor. However, in a recent interview, serrano revealed that she doesn’t see the rematch happening soon. The reason for this is taylor’s recent loss, which serrano believes will alter her future plans.

Despite this, serrano expresses no regret about her decision to fight mercado instead of taylor, saying that she does not need taylor to validate her fighting skills. Although the rematch may not happen anytime soon, it does not take away from serrano’s victory and her undeniable skill inside the ring.

As a powerhouse athlete in women’s boxing, we can expect to see serrano continue to dominate in her future fights and further cement her place in boxing history. Her confidence and fearlessness, matched with her impressive record, make her a force to be reckoned with in the sport.


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